Quantum DAO Fund is ICO

Welcome to the DAO investing revolution!
A decentralised venture capital platform

Quantum DAO is revolutionising investing by changing the way communities and capital work together through accessible, simple and social web3 technologies.
Today's investment models exclude investors with small capital from the venture capital process.
The Quantum DAO platform democratises investment, allowing capital to be invested like never before. It is a future that is more open, free and fair.
The goal of Quantum DAO platform is to unite investors and business angels into one decentralized pool of shareholders for investments in startups, companies, real estate, and crypto funds.
For the rapid development of our platform, we plan to attract private investors and funds by creating favourable and attractive conditions for them.
Now the first round of ICO (Pre-ICO) of 10 million QDO tokens is taking place. Bonuses! You can get acquainted with the White Paper of our project in the investor's dashboard after registration

Dear community! We have great news for you. We are now in talks about listing our token on exchanges: Bitfinex ,OKX ,and Bitstamp. Listing will be in August. Now you have a unique opportunity to participate in a reliable ICO and buy QDO token at a low price. You will be able to earn 2500% profit in 2.5 months. The value of the token will increase every week throughout the ICO.
Registration in Dashboard-10 QDO bonus
Airdrop 20 QDO=500$ (16.08.22-1QDO=25$)

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Price after listing on exchanges DEX,KuCoin,Bitfinex ,OKX and Bitstamp-1QDO=25$

Quantum DAO ICO ends:
Total raised: 2 284 466$
Fixed token edition 10.000.000 QDO
Buy Tokens 47% Off


Our investor platform allows:

- Invest in promising startups (DeFi, GameFi, Metaverse, etc.)
- Invest in real estate
- Invest in crypto funds created on the platform
- Vote for promising startups and participate in ecosystem management
The Quantum DAO ecosystem offers all-in-one solutions for the venture capital industry, and unites on a single platform:
- Launchpad operating on a co-investment model
- Startup marketplace
- A startup aggregator for large venture capital funds
- Social network for investors
- P2P exchange for shares in startups and real estate
- Crypto hedge fund
- Startup accelerator QuantumLab


Quantum DAO Ecosystem

Investment Platform

Multifunctional investment platform for collective investments in startups, real estate and crypto funds.

Startup accelerator QuantumLab

Selection of promising projects and their further acceleration for new financing rounds.

Social network for investors

Social network for investors to exchange information about projects and their development stages.

P2P Exchange

An internal marketplace for buying and selling and exchanging fund shares between investors.


Global Venture Capital Investment Market



Road Map

Q1 2021

Project concept. Start of Quantum DAO development. Website design. Market analysis and analysis of customer and business needs.

Q2 2021

Launch of the test site. Introduction of blockchain technology on the site. Testing of Investor administration panel. Accepting cryptocurrency payments. Connection of payment systems for accepting crypto and fiat currencies.

Q3 2021

A referral system was added. Payment systems integration: - Stripe - Perfect Money - Paypal - Skrill - Vogue Pay - Paystack - Blockchain BTC - Coinpayment BTC - Coinpayment ETH - Coinbase Commerce

Q4 2021

Testing DAO technology on the platform. Calculating ROI on the platform. KYC verification. Implementation of investment plan system for investments in crypto funds and real estate funds.

Q1 2022

Updating of the project investment system on site. Change of platform interface.

Q2 2022

Launch of investment platform in beta testing mode. ICO. Creation of Quantum DAO community. Attracting VC investors. Legal documentation development. Registration of the company in the USA as a DAO organization. Development of QDO smart contract based on ERC-20. Distribution of QDO tokens to first investors. Listing on DEX exchange. Establishment of board of directors from investors.

Q3 2022

Launch of Quantum DAO website with DAO technology. Recruitment of new team members (up to 20 people). Evaluation of top 10 startups. Launch of first 10 startups. Launch of marketing campaign to attract investors. Launch of large-scale token marketing campaign. Distribution of QDO tokens to all investors.

Q4 2022

Launch of QDO token on leading cryptocurrency exchanges. Launch of large-scale advertising campaign to attract investors to the exchange. Launch and testing of P2P exchange for buying and selling stakes in startups. Launch of mobile apps. Localization to additional languages.


Token Distribution

  • 45% Distribute to Community
  • 17% Reserved Funding
  • 25% Founders and Team
  • 3% Advisors
  • 10% AirDrop campaign
  • Name:Quantum DAO Token
  • Type:ERC20
  • Symbol:QDO
  • Platform:Ethereum
  • General release:30,000,000 QDO
How to buy Quantum DAO tokens

Sign up Dashboard
Go to the investor’s personal account
Confirm your email
Buy token
You can buy tokens for cryptocurrency:

Receiving QDO tokens:
Within 24 hours the tokens will appear in the investor's account.
Invite friends through the affiliate program and earn 20% (affiliate program 20%)
QDO token distribution:
At the end of the ICO you will receive QDO tokens on your Ethereum wallet
The largest investors in the ICO will join the company's board of directors


Frequency Asked Questions

Quantum DAO is an automated venture investment aggregator that helps you invest in IT startups and blockchain projects without any risks of one or several startups’ failure, as you invest in their index.

Quantum DAO works as a multifunctional decentralized autonomous ecosystem including:

— social network with marketplace elements for venture capital industry members;
— QuantumLab startup incubator;
— special limited venture partnership registered in USA;
— tokenized community pool based on blockchain technology;
— platform for crowdfunding and crowdvesting;

It’s Quantum DAO ecosystem incubator that works with IT and blockchain startups, providing particular services while receiving projects tokens.  QuantumLab acts as a provider and assumes almost the whole specter of upcoming tasks for project launch, starting with packaging and investment attraction and up to product development, marketing, and PR.

Provides startups with a scope of services: External packaging (website, corporate identity, branding, promo, pitch deck); Financial packaging (business plan, financial model, unit economy, marketing plan); Legal packaging (opening of the legal entity, complete document package preparation, consulting and assistance); IR + partnership relations (partners and investment selection, communication and startups interests protection).

Communicate directly with startups, find common interests, and invest independently of the platform. Invest in a startup’s portfolio through the platform’s tokenized community pool on blockchain backed by tokens of all projects going through the incubation program. Participate in open public sales on QuantumLab and invest in the projects in Quantum DAO portfolio.

Quantum DAO governance token is a token that enables platform governance by users based on DAO principles: vote for decisions regarding platform governance, participate in startups selection to be included in incubation program, use payable functions of the marketplace and social network, make suggestions on new pools launch and get bonuses from ecosystem activity.

The platform is governed based on DAO principles by governance token holders. Every startup can submit a request to be placed on the platform. After the analysis made by Quantum DAO  experts and project verification regarding fraud/viability, the application is sent to all governance token holders. In the voting section they will see all startups that have submitted a request, and will vote for or against their inclusion in the index fund.



Quantum DAO is a global venture DAO fund that invests in high-tech early-stage startups from the following areas:





Artificial intelligence







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